Introducing the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun: Out with the Old, In with the New

Industrial painters, a smarter spray gun is here.

You have a lot on your plate; worrying about your spray gun’s performance should be the last thing on your mind. Painting and maintaining technical and heavy-duty equipment, industrial factories or agricultural facilities requires you to be efficient, flexible and ready to adapt to any paint application task. Fortunately, 3M™ answered the call.

For industrial coating applications, 3M introduces the Performance Industrial Spray Gun for better productivity and less process variability for both bulk feed from a pressure pot or tank and gravity-feed applications. This spray gun is ideal in a variety of applications including industrial, transit, construction machinery, woodworking, aerospace and farm equipment.

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3 Benefits of the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun

The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun is available in a kit that includes the spray gun, whip hose assembly, regulator and pressure gauge, replacement locking ring, and assortment nozzles for both bulk feed and gravity-feed applications. PPS is also included with the hard cup, as well as replacement liners and caps and collars. The system allows you to quickly convert between a pressure-fed whip hose and the 3M PPS Series 2.0 spray cup system. The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun kit offers industrial painters the following benefits:

Wide Range of Coatings

In addition to the PPS Series, the lightweight and durable spray gun has replaceable atomizing heads that range in size from 1.1 to 1.8 to spray a variety of coatings for the most task versatility. Paint technicians can perform a full range of coating and spraying activities including:

  1. Paints
  2. Stains
  3. Primers
  4. Basecoats
  5. Topcoats
  6. Clearcoats
  7. Epoxies
  8. Adhesives

Smarter and Faster Cleanup

The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun is low maintenance and simple to use. Its intuitive design makes it easy for both experienced painters and the novice to maintain or rebuild. In addition, it’s simple design and quick-change atomizing heads never allow paint to flow through the main body, making clean-up a breeze and providing like-new spray performance every time. Just pop off the pressure nozzle, wipe down the needle and move on to the next task.

Better Regulatory Compliance

Most industries generate waste of some sort, especially in painting and coating applications. For most companies, the volume of hazardous waste they generate has a direct impact on their reputation and profit as well as compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With some spray guns, you can’t remove the cap or nozzle to clean, requiring the end-user to use more spray gun cleaner throughout the gun — resulting in more waste. For companies who want to remain a small quantity generator, the replaceable nozzles on the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun prevents paint from ever passing through the body of the spray gun for quicker cleanup and less waste. View Tech Specification Data Sheet here.

See the 3M™ Performance Industrial Spray Gun in action!

United Surface Preparation is proud to partner with 3M™ to bring you the latest painting and coating technology. If you have questions on the Performance Industrial Spray Gun Kit or would like further assistance, please call 800-322-1413 to speak with our knowledgeable product experts.

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Filter Replacement

For over 25 years we’ve been the answer people for our customers toughest questions. Got a question on filters? You’re process? How to streamline your operation? Count on our people and our Process Improvement Lab to pinpoint where filters fit into a more productive shop.

Not only do we have the right people, we have the right filters. With our large variety of customizable filters, you are guaranteed to find the right ones to suit your processes.

Get an idea for yourself. Take a look at some of our selection below.

Spray Booth Filters
• Ceiling Diffusion Media
• Intake Filters
• Exhaust Filters
• Pre-Filters
• Pocket Filters
Liquid Cartridge Filters
• Pleated Polypropylene
• Pleated Microglass
• Polyethersulfone Pleated Membrane
• Teflon Pleated Membrane
• Nylon Pleated Membrane
• String Wound
• Resin Bonded
• Meltblown Polypropylene
• Thermally Bonded Bicomponent
Dust Cartridge Filters
• Spunbond HO
• Spunbond w/ PTFE
Spunbond Aluminized
• 100% Spunbond
• 80/20 Cellulose Polyester blend
• 80/20 Cellulose Polyester blend FR
• 60/40 Cellulose Polyester blend
• Hi-Temp Fiber Felts
Hydraulic Filters
• Low/Medium/High Pressure Filters
• T.R.A.P. Breather Filters
• Strainers
• Suction Filters
• Broad Selection of Replacement Spin-Ons
• Various Accessories for Hydraulic Circuits, Lines, and Reservoirs

Liquid Bag Filters
• Standard Liquid Bags
• Plastic Collar Liquid Bags
• Welded Liquid Bags
• Commercial Style Liquid Bags
• Centrifugal Mesh Sleeves
• Filter Press Cloth

Dust Bag Filters
• Shaker and Reverse Air Bags
• Pulse Jet Bags
• Envelopes and Custom Bags

HVAC Filters
• Internal Support Panels, Links and Sleeve Rolls and Pads
• Polyester Rolls, Cubes & Auto Rolls
• Pleated & Extended Surface Filters
• Specialty Filters

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Email us:

Call Us: (800)322-1413

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Metzger McGuire Spal-Pro Stabilizer Application

We had the opportunity to work with a company in Brooklyn Park, MN who was experiencing stabilization problems with their concrete. the instability of the concrete was becoming a nuisance and safety hazard for forklift drivers and other personnel in the building.

With the help of Metzger McGuire’s Spal-Pro Stabilizer, the crew was able to drill and fill in 250+ holes. After a few minutes the Spal-Pro Stabilizer was set. From there, the extruding foam was scraped off and removed from the floor. Within an hour, the floor was ready to be driven on with fork lifts once again.

To watch a video on the application of the Spal-Pro, click here.

There are many advantages to using Spal-Pro Stabilizer for scenarios such as this including:

  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer has a high shore hardness and compressive strength for optimum support of slabs-under-load.
  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer is a rapid-setting material which enables an early return of traffic to distressed slabs.
  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer has a low viscosity to allow for easier injection and better penetration into narrow voids below slab.

To learn more about this project or the many advantages of using Metzger McGuire’s Spal-Pro Stabilizer, feel free to contact us.

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Mirka® DEOS – Closer. For Perfection.

The electric orbital sander, integrates all the innovative features that have made Mirka DEROS so popular, and more. 

Many of Mirka’s tools have been awardedmirka-deos for their innovative design, and the Mirka DEOS is no exception. The top priority for this tool was an excellent ergonomic design that ensured the sander could be used comfortably for long periods without fatigue. It’s high efficiency brushless motor exerts plenty of power so the sander can complete jobs quickly. At only 10 cm high the tool’s compact and very low profile gives a high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance.

The Mirka DEOS is available in two dimensions: the 383CV, 70x198mm, is designed mainly for the ART sector while the 353CV, 81x133mm is mainly targeted at the wood and CD sectors. Some of the technical features include:

  • Variable speed control with lever 5.000 – 10.000 rpm
  • Separate on/off switch
  • Brushless motor technology
  • 250 W brushless motor, comparable to 360 W traditional motor
  • Soft start of motor
  • 3mm orbit movement
  • Continuous temperature monitoring in motor and controller card
  • Patented motor controller
  • Height: only 10 cm
  • Low Weight: only 1kg
  • Bluetooth low energy technology vibration sensor

All the features of the new Mirka DEOS take these sanders to another level and created great benefits for the user. The brushless motor allows the user to finish jobs faster  while the dust free sanding allows a better finish. They are perfect for small shops, on-site installation, and site finishing work where air sanders are not practical and users have limited compressed air capacity.

To learn more about the new sanders, contact us!

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Air Tool Repair Services

As a certified service provider we haveTool Repair specialized testing equipment, genuine parts and skilled training to ensure your equipment is returned to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Keep your equipment working as hard as you do and let United Surface Preparation be your certified parts and service provider. We service most major manufacturers and maintain a large parts inventory to ensure quick turnaround.

The benefits of having your tools repaired with us:

  • Free Estimates
  • Factory Trained Service Personnel
  • Product Specialists & Technical Support
  • Complete Equipment Refurbishment
  • Genuine Parts
  • Tool Testing & Calibration

Brands we Repair:

  • Dynabrade
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Suhner
  • Sioux
  • 3M
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Top Cat
  • Cooper
  • Master Power
  • Cleco

….and many more!

To learn more more about our Air Tool Repair Service or book a free estimate, fill out the form below: 


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World of Concrete 2018

The largest turnout in nine years isx1488493502410.png.pagespeed.ic.hoU_o-HSfQ expected at the World of Concrete 2018 event with an estimated 60,000 professionals and 1,500 suppliers attending from around the world. The event has undoubtedly come a long way from when it was introduced in 1975 with only 1,550 professionals and 77 suppliers attending. For its 43rd year, World of Concrete will be hosted from  January 23 – 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center covering an impressive 725,000 square feet of space.

World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual event hosted exclusively for commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. The expo will feature both indoor and outdoor exhibits with countless suppliers showcasing innovative products, technology, demonstrations, competitions, and education programs.

We will be roaming around the show all three days, spending most of our time at our manufacturer’s booths. If you’re planning to attend World of Concrete take a pit stop to visit us and view some of our manufacturers’ featured products and live demonstrations:

Manufacturer Booth # Featured Product
HTC Floor Systems
D60/ DURATIQ / SuperPrep Tooling/ SuperFloor
CTS Cement | RapidSet
Full Line
ColorJuice Extreme SS /Oil Ingester SS /X-Link SS
Metzger McGuire
Edge Pro-80 / Surface Refinement Grout
Pullman Ermator
Full Line
Full Line
US Saws
One Man Polymer Pump/ TC-7 Edger

To make a point of meeting up with us at World of Concrete, please feel free to contact Mike Heintz at or (612)940-6163.

If you’re looking for new things to see at World of Concrete, you won’t be disappointed. There is a whole new lot this year, called the Bronze lot, to help accommodate the expanding show. In addition, the Bronze lot allows for World of Concrete favorites to return such as the John Deere Operator Challenge, the Western Star Trucks Get Touch Challenge and the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 Championship.

People don’t go to World of Concrete just for the excitement. They go to build connections in the industry, strengthen their product lines, and grow their knowledge which in turn makes their business more money.  All the economic indicators suggest 2018 could be an outstanding year for the concrete and masonry trades. Start the year off right, and attend the World of Concrete 2018 to invest in your business and have some fun in LAS VEGAS!

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AMAGRIT is a highly recyclable stainless steel blasting media.

AMAGRITS’s superior hardness and precise microstrucervinture provide maximum durability and impact energy transfer. Because it exceeds the life of common abrasive materials by nearly 1,000 to 1, it can significantly reduce your raw material and disposal costs while improving output.

Plus, it’s non-harzardous, contaminant-free, and envrionmentally friendly. During use, it nearly eliminates dust from abrasive fracture and breakdown, resulting in a cleaner, safer work environment.


Exceeds the life of other materials for recyclability

Highly effective
Provides superior durability and the highest impact energy transmission

Economically efficient
Reduces raw material and disposal costs

Environmentally friendly
AMAGRIT is a contaminant-free, inert metal


AMAGRIT can be used in all impact treatments.

  • Blast cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Sweep blasting for hot-dipped galvanized surfaces
  • Surface treatment prior to coating
  • Surface finishing
  • Fine and structural blasting
  • Waterjet cutting


AMAGRIT is recommended where ferrous contamination must be avoided.

  • Aluminum castings and parts
  • Stainless steel forgings, structural parts, and welded fabrications
  • Zinc pressure die-castings, forgings, and parts
  • Corrosion-prone metal surfaces
  • Railroad cars

To learn more:

 Download the AMAGRIT flyer

Contact Us

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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

The Benefits

In many industries, the term, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ still applies these days. Due to the increasing amounts of downtime we have seen over the past year, we wanted to share and emphasize a few critical benefits of preventive maintenance.

Improved Safety and Quality Conditions

Shot-Blasting-Machines-Market-238x300Performing regular maintenance assures your equipment remains operating under safe conditions and within OSHA standards. Issues with the machine can be found and eliminated before they become problematic opposed to after. This keeps both the machine and operators safe while reducing the risk of injury or fines.


Fewer Large-Scale Repairs & Downtime 

Planned preventive maintenance may cause a small interruption in production, but it is nothing compared to downtime caused by breakdown or large-scale repairs which will indefinitely interfere with operations. These situations end up costing much more due to emergency shipments, overtime labor, and no product being moved or created.

Conserve Assets & Lengthen Life of Equipment

Quality equipment only stays quality equipment if it receives the care it deserves.EmpireProFinish_PIC-e1368192061120 (1) If it is routinely serviced on a maintenance schedule, the equipment will perform better and have a longer life. What is the


point of paying more money for quality equipment, if it isn’t maintained? When the machine performs better, it will lessen the waste of materials, improve run times, and allow workers involved with the machine to focus on the job they are intended to do.

Though there are many benefits to preventive maintenance, those are the ones that we believe are the most crucial to a company. Many people understand the benefits of preventive maintenance but never take action in implementing one. Why is that? The reason is because it is very dependent on the cooperation of all parties involved. It takes organization, communication, ideas, and knowledge of everyone involved with the equipment to successfully run a a preventive maintenance program where the benefits will exceed the costs.

Preventive Maintenance We Offer

We have a team of knowledgeable field technicians that travel around the Upper Midwest to work with companies on setting up and implementing preventive maintenance. Their specialties include: Air Blast Systems, Pneumatic Recovery, Reclaim Systems, Wheel Blast Systems, Vibratory Systems, Wide Belt Sanders, and more. For a limited time only, we are offering 10% off labor for 2018 preventive maintenance if you schedule before 1/30/2017.

To learn more about our preventive maintenance program, please email us or call us at (800) 322-1413.

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G&P Machinery Stroke Sander

G&P Machinery Stroke Sander

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2008 Timesavers Wide Belt Sanding Machine

2008 Timesavers Wide Belt Sanding Machine



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